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At Conscioustyle, we aspire to bring out the the inherent beauty and meaning in everyday life.

About Christina

Our mission is simple — to inspire others to live more thoughtfully and beautifully. We curate events that foster connection and community, design florals that enhance the natural beauty of a space and share writing that calls upon us to reflect.

 We hope that our way of living and being — our conscioustyle — will also inspire you.

About Christina

About Christina

I believe our sense of place shapes the way we experience our lives.

A theme throughout my life has been the search for home. My upbringing was nomadic. My family moved from the East Coast to small towns in the South and Midwest. With each move, I learned to create, and recreate, home — a perspective which has continued to shape my passions and my work. 

My childhood in Indiana and Tennessee created fond early memories of small town living — the vast open spaces and the quiet pace of life left room for my imagination to soar. I learned about community in the small towns that I grew up in, and I carried that essence with me on my adventures abroad when I moved to Hanoi, Saigon, London and Geneva. 

Two formative experiences helped me create an understanding of how we connect to people. First, being the only Vietnamese American kid in my class often left me feeling like an outsider; however, I learned to find ways to connect to the people around me.

When I was a teenager I lost my mother, leaving a gaping hole in our family. I relied on my friends and their families, in addition to my immediate family, for emotional support. My perspective of family and community broadened, and I discovered the beauty and richness of human connection. More than anything, I learned that connection to both place and people are essential to living a good life. 

About Christina

Over the years, I've incorporated these concepts and questions about home, community and connection into my creative work, primarily my writing. I've discovered other forms of creative expression through styling, event curation and floral design. And, I've continued to build and nourish community by hosting intimate events in my San Francisco apartment — a place I've called home for the past seven years.

Conscioustyle is built on the things I enjoy most — connecting people, curating spaces, sharing stories and living a creative life. Its essence is rooted in a sense of community and an appreciation of everyday beauty. It is an outward expression of my lifelong internal search.

About Christina

I'm excited to share my journey with you, and I hope you will be inspired by my work. 

xoxo, Christina